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Some Great Reasons to Stay in Kissimmee

There are lots of great reasons to stay a few nights in Kissimmee, FL one of them being that itís Florida! The city of Kissimmee has been around for a little over 100 years but the land that is present day Kissimmee was a major cattle ranching and citrus groves area. The history of the area is a great accent to the major theme park attractions. Not only is Kissimmee well known as a tourist destination, but a natural wonder as well!

Kissimmee lies at the beginning of the Kissimmee River. This is a slow moving river that drains in to the Florida everglades. In the early 70ís the C-38 Canal was dredged to increase the flow of the Kissimmee River to Lake Okeechobee. This in effect killed about 90% of the wild water fowl and other animals that called this mystical place home. In 1992 the state decided to restore the river to its original form and eliminate the canal. The process has been underway for over a decade and the river is really coming back around. The original animals that once lived in the area have now increased by 45%! That is just one of the many natural wonders in Florida.

Just north of Kissimmee is the Weikiva State Park. Here you can camp, hike, or canoe down this long and winding river that is fed from a freshwater spring. If you stay in a Kissimmee hotel you have access to all of these hidden little treasures plus all of the normal tourist activities. Staying in Kissimmee you will be only 40 minutes away from Melbourne Beach, FL on the Atlantic side and only one and a half hours from Clearwater Beach, FL in the Tampa area. Kissimmee is also conveniently located only 10 miles from the Orlando International Airport and only 40 miles from Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach! This means when you stay in Kissimmee you have the ability to go anywhere in the world (if you have the money)! Really there is no need to go anywhere else but Kissimmee. With so much to do, you will never be bored. The only thing you will be wondering is what to do next!

There are several hotels that are just waiting to give you some of the best hospitality that they can offer. Since youíre in the southern United States you can get some freshly picked citrus that was on the tree just days ago. I could go on for days and days about the wondrous things that Kissimmee has to offer, but why donít you just see it for yourself? Thatís the only way you are going to believe how much there really is to do here! So, upon planning your next vacation, keep in mind that there is a place in the world where excitement is endless and the memories are priceless!

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